July 23, 2024
Forrest Fenn 9 Mile Hole Solve

After this last court hearing, I feel 100% the correct solve was at 9 Mile Hole.  After all, if its in the court system, it has to be true right?

This is the solve:

•WWWH- Firehole meets the Madison

•Canyon Down-Figurative (Canyon in your mind)

•HOB-This little hole where trout live

•Ever drawing Nigh-You are getting close

•No Paddle up your creek- Water you cant paddle in but have to cross

•Heavy Loads-Heavy Boots to cross  high water

•Blaze- A tree with oil Forrest didn’t know fell

•Quickly Down-In the grass

•Title- Ownership of the gold was written on the tree bark


This has to be the correct solve.  My inside source has confirmed.  All that talk Fenn had about choosing every word carefully and no one but him knowing the clues or location are simply not true.  Everyone in the family knew the solve and where the treasure was including many friends.


My source also confirms Forrest wrote the book, went and hid the treasure, then realized he needed to write a poem before printing.  So the next day he had it ready.  He didnt take any time to write it and chose whatever words came to mind.  There was no real strategy or thought put into writing the poem.


The clues came down to random thought and walking around aimlessly.  It all makes sense now.


Of course, it is possible Forrest told us the truth and every word in the poem mattered.  That he felt like an architect drawing that poem. That no one knew anything but him to protect his family and friends from everything.  But if that were true, how would my source know anything so that cant be right.  And if Forrest were honest and straight forward about the poem, then that would make all the clues above total horse shit.  Well that cant be because my source says other wise.


I guess you have to decide.  Was Forrest honest or did he lie the entire time?  Did everyone know the clues or did no one?  Most of all, are you a person that forms their opinion on evidence or are you a dumbass that believes what you are told?  A Lead Dog or a Sheep?






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