July 22, 2024
Cowlazars Dear Diary 1

Dear Diary,

I fear I have caused so much trouble so often over the years, that people are beginning to see through my playing the victim antics.  There have been so many issues in the chase over the years and I constantly find myself directly in the middle of all of them.  I feel its only a matter of time before everyone, not just a few, see I am the cause of it all.


All I ever wanted was to be the center of attention in this thing.  I wanted all info to come through me so everyone would have to do what I say and I could be in control of everything.


Anytime someone starts to rise in popularity, I find myself creating an issue with them because I feel they are in my territory.  I just want the chase for me and anyone who opposes me, I will simply say what I have to say about them to push them back down.  Its really a great strategy that has worked several times over the years.


I just take some info and spin it to suit my agenda.  Then I sit back calmly while they go live enraged.  This makes me appear to be the sane one though it is odd no one ever really realizes I do the same thing every time.


I brand phrases using words like “positivity” because its one of those phrases one can hide behind.  Kind of like when I utilizes my mousey, kid like voice when I am attempting something sinister.  It’s an easy disguise.


One day these antics might catch up with me and the majority see through my ways but not today.  All I have to do is continue to be the one who goes live on a schedule and they will think how I tell them to think. 🙂




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